30 Days of Questions – Day 27

Well its almost the end of the 30 Days of Questions and to day is day 27, thus todays question is “How did you and Norman Meet?

Well there is a long back story to this (which I have posted before, just read the section of my blog entitled “Norman and I” for more of the background and full explanation.

But the short and sweet part is…

We where both on a computer program called Second Life, we’d both been on it for years doing our own things not even aware of each other (the program has over 6 million accounts) but then one day I was working at a in world club to wear some extra funds (the programs currency can actually be converted into real life monetary funds). I’d just taken on a new position as a dancer at a the club, and two of the club DJs noticed me and the type of AV that I was wearing. One of them asked if I was actually interested in the AV i was wearing or if it was just a general interest.

Fast forwards about a weeks worth of time, during one of the nights in the club at the end of the event in pop’s Norman, he gets introduced to me but I really do not think anything of him because well to me at the time he was just another club goer. But he comes back and over the course of the week we talk more and more. But I am still not thinking much of it, after all his talk is very curious and he’s tipping me real well. Well that week passes and then one of the DJs pulls me aside into IM and starts giving me 20 questions about Norman.

A few days after that he gets the courage to ask me if I’d like to be “friends” in world no strings attached, I agreed and well little would I know what that would end up leading to ::grins::.

So that is about the short of it, or as simple and short as I can type without going into a really long spill on the matter.



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