30 Days of Questions – Day 14

Its now day 14 of the 30 Days of Questions and todays question is “What’s your favorite dinner food?
Well I like many different types of food from different places, but if I have to choose something that I make at home that don’t come out of a packet it would be Ribs with my home made sauce on them. They are just something that I LOVE to eat given a chance to do so (but at the cost of buying the ribs, they are an occasional treat only now).

Now if you come to foods that I like for dinner that are not made at home, but are from specific restaurants or the like, well the Cantonese Chow Main from the HoneyBee would be right up there next to the Beef and Broccoli from HoLeeChow are like the two dishes I enjoy big time as part of dinner or even lunch or breakfast for that matter as left overs.



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