30 Days of Music – Day 9

Well its getting on into the second week and today is Day 10 of the 30 Days of Music, today I am to post a song that makes you fall asleep well there really is no single song that puts me to sleep to listen to it but there are a series of tunes that help relax me and if I am in a sleepy state will help me get to sleep, but other wise they are used to help me relax while at the dentist.

I am talking about Engima that is the group/person who’s tunes help me relax and can help me sleep if I am already in the mood to do so. I can’t say there is any single tune that will do so because there isn’t many of the tunes together will create the right vibration to help relax me and thus help me sleep. Thus I am going to post a tune as a sample of their work that helps relax me in general.



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