30 Days of Me – Day 30

Well it is the last day of the 30 Days of Me, which means it is now Day 30 and the final topic of the session is for me to record In this past month, what have you learned.

Not an easy task since there is much this month that I have learned, such as I’ve learned that being ill and taking my insulin is very much important to my own health and well being, that even when I think I am better that going outside isn’t always the best option. I’ve learned to play a few of the games on the Wii that we got for yule/xmas and I’m getting better at them as the days go by, though Norman still uses the system way more then I do (lol I’m more times then naught found on my comp while he’s playing on it).

Not sure what else I can add, but I hope everyone has enjoyed reading what I’ve had to say so far this month. Stay tuned for the first post in February of the 30 Days of Truth.



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