Your Womb Is Calling, or is it?

It is a term that some women use to say that they wont to have a child and because they wish to have a child they also assume that other women have the same calling going on or will have it later in life as one draws closer to menopause and the internal clock starts to slow down and stop ticking.

But what if you are one of those women who thinks other wise? What if you don’t have that internal clock ticking away counting down your years of fertility that are left? What if you actually have made the choice that you do not wish to have a child of your own, that you are happy being without?

Many women can’t understand this line of thought, much less identify with it for what ever reason, just as if you’ve chosen not to have a child its hard to understand why anyone would wont to have one, or at least that is the case for some women who have chosen not to have a child. Then there are those who for what ever reason are unable to have a child of their own for various reasons outside of their control. For them the clock stopped ticking and that call that some speak of never stopped calling to them when the clock stopped ticking.

Regardless of if you feel your clock is ticking and that you need to have a child now or never there is always that other side of the coin, the side which many end up facing and having to deal with. You’ve been told you are infertile or that your partner is infertile either way there will not be a child of your genes to carry on your family line, it ends with you or a sibling.

The option to choose to adopt is a valid question to ask yourself if you wish to have a child in your life, for some its a very good option one that will bring much joy and happiness but for some even that joy of adopting a child who needs a family will be lost to them for various reasons. Adoption is not an easy deal to go though with, its not cheap by any means and some of the hoops and tap you have to jump though and cut are just not possible to do for some couples. This can leave a spot in your life that some have the need to fill be it with become the super aunt to all the kids in the nabourhood and their own siblings children to volunteering to be a big sister or mentor to children in need within the local community.

This can also apply to degrees to those who have chosen not to have children, some who have chosen not to have children for what ever reasons, might still feel the need to care for other peoples children because it fits a part of them that other wise just can’t be explained. I am sure many have had that aunt or uncle or teacher who you can’t understand why they wouldn’t or don’t have a child of their own since they are very good with children, yet for how good they are they just don’t wish to have any. Those who wish to help children but have nun of their own know that either having a child of their own isn’t right for them to have or for what ever reason its just not an area that will happen for them, thus they put their energies into doing what will help them fill that part of their life – working with children.

Not all who do not wish to have children dislike them, many enjoy spending time with them and helping them learn and grow, being the big sister or brother that the child might not have or the aunt or uncle who has time for them when all the other adults seem to be to busy to pay them any attention. There are many faces to those who have chosen not to have children as there are to those who have chosen to have them.

So regardless of if you feel your womb is calling or that is not a part of you we all share various things within the human dynamic that no one is better then another, we each have something to contribute to this plant of ours no matter how small it might well be.



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