Women Are More Then Baby Makers

Just because you can reproduce doesn't mean you should.I was reading over lostlittlepixie’s tumblr posting and one of her posts caught my attention in particular that “simple” sentence, that it actually made me wish to write a response to it, even if she doesn’t read or follow me because I feel her general statment to inculude all women under the same umbrella does us no justice and just continues the discrimination that does on agaist those who can’t or choose not to have children.

I 100% disagree with the statement “its embedded in every womans biological makeup to be a mother, to carry and give birth to this beautiful baby.” I fully disagree because I know that there are several of us who like lostlittlepixie have PCOS who have chosen NOT to have children we have chosen to be Childfree by choice.

For that matter there are many women out there in the general population who have no ticking of the biological clock thus no wish to have children either (who in some cases go to great length to make sure it doesn’t have a chance of happen).

There are even men out there who have no biological desire to sire children, they have no wish to pass on their genes and they have no interest or wish to be a parent.

Having a child (either biological or though adoption) is a choice that one makes, it does not come down to the simple deal of it being a biological necessity, yes one of the possible results of sex itself is reproduction but just because it is one of the possible results doesn’t make it a biological goal or necessity for everyone, one does not need to reproduce to survive/live, if one fails to do so you will not die from the lack of doing so.

Being childfree or childless makes you no less a woman or man then being a parent makes you “all grown up” or what have you. Being a parent is just another choice that you make in life, just like making the choice to live a full and productive life as best as you are able to do so.

I am no less a woman because nature took my ability to have children away or because I chose to be childfree, I am a women regardless of my state of reproduction ability because being a woman is more then having or making babies.



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