Schools back in, thank the lady.

Well the children are back in school and off the streets and out of my hair.

Now don’t get me wrong, children have their place, but I was getting might tired of them screaming up and down the street, the parties their parents have and a few others areas that just drive me up the wall.

Now that schools back in, the streets quitented down no more running things up and down the street, no more baseballs hitting my car, and best of all less traffic when I go shopping (just the litter little ones creaming bloody murder when they don’t get what they wont – sighs).

Oh well am pleased to be able to go shopping once again without the increased traffic and increaed screaming that seems to happen when they are out of school, makes me wish that they went to school 12 months of the year, without a couple weeks of here and there for vacations.




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