Response to the article “9 Silly Things People Say…”

Response to the article “9 Silly Things People Say When They Hear You Don’t Want Kids (And Ways to Counter Them)”

1. Aren’t you worry about ending up old and lonely?
There is no guarantee that when you have a child or children that they will stick around to be there for you when you are old, thus there is no guarantee that you will have kids and not be lonely. The old argument is a non issue since we all get old, that is something one as yet can not prevent from happening (at least that I know of).

2. “But you’d have such great kids!”
I would? alright thanks for saying so … still doesn’t change my mind on the matter or the fact that I can’t have them.

3. “But you’d be such a great mom!”
How would you know? What is your basis for this belief and don’t say cause I’m a women cause that isn’t even part of the equation, just because I am female does not automatically make me mom material, anymore then being male makes a male a good father. What of those who are of same sex? how that that factor into your equation? what of those who are both genders in one body?

4. Don’t you want a family?
I already have a family, I have my folks, I have my hubby and I have our pups … I’ve got enough of a family that I’m happy with what I have in my life.

5. “But they’re so cute!”
That is your opinion, it is not mine

6. “But it’s natural.”
Natural it might well be for you, but its not the same case for me. If it was that natural then there would be a drive to reproduce which I do not have and have never had to start with, thus what might well be natural for you is so not the case with me.

7. “It’s a woman’s greatest achievement.”
Oh really? wow didn’t know that I has no other worth then a walking womb. Seriously though there are many great women in this world who have not chosen to have children, just as there are who have … being a mother is not to be the ultimate thing in life, its just not for me.

8. “You’ll change your mind.”
Change my mind? how is that even possible when I do not even have a reproductive system to start with? Before you get onto the subject one can always adopt it takes income to do that and other stuff that you have to go though to adopt and we do not even qualify for that at this stage in life and buy time we might we’d be to old so wouldn’t be looked at twice.

9. “You should have at least one of your own.”
I have several already thanks, they are called our puppies



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