ChildFree – Breeder Bingo

There is something called Breeder Bingo which is what many who are ChildFree have heard time and time about their lack of reproduction wishes. The takes on it vary, but the general questions that one gets asked are about the same regardless of where you are from. Here is my own take on the matter plus some comments from other’s that I’ve talked with over the years.

Its different when it’s your own!
That might well be the case, but since I don’t have an interest in having one to start with its a mute point. – Nyxks

Ya I know its different, after you have your own you CAN’T give it back! – Samantha

Your child could grow up to cure cancer!
That’s is not a good reason for me to have a child – Nyxks

If that is something you wish to do, then why don’t you put your money, time, and effort into doing it instead of waiting for a future child to be born to do it for you? – Pamela

People like you SHOULD have kids!
People like me? and what makes me different from those who chosen to have a child?

You were a baby once, too!
Yes and I grew out of that rather fast – Nyxks

And so have been many other people who have created such discord in this world – Tammy

What about the family name?
What of it? my family name couldn’t get carried on any how I’m female not male – Nyxks

Who will take care of you when you’re old?
for this answer its best to read what I wrote on my previous blog near the bottom of the post. – Nyxks

What if your parents hadn’t had kids?
My folks had settled into a childless life before I came into the picture, they had stopped trying for a child and had started living their life as they where able to live it. Them not having me wouldn’t have changed their love for each other, it only would have meant that you’d not be talking to me about this subject in the here and now. Also my folks only ever had one child, they chose not to have more then one. – Nyxks

The only reason to get married is to have children?
No there are many reasons to get married, children isn’t one of them. There are many people who live common law who have children together being married has nothing to do with having children. Also marriage is a relatively new term and concept when it comes to relationships, many years ago – Nyxks

It’s all worth it!
It is? then why are you always complaining about your own kids? Or for that matter someone else’s if its all worth it in the end? – Nyxks

The biological clock is ticking!
My biological clock never worked, so kind of hard for it to tick to start with – Nyxks

You’ll change your mind!
Hard to change ones mind when one is blessed with infertility to start with – Nyxks

If everyone didn’t have kids, the human race would die out!
The human race dying out, well that is possible it could happen, but I don’t see that happening now with the current population and people such as yourself. – Nyxks

But the Bible said “go forth and multiply!”
it does? guess I missed that part .. oh well .. oh and for your information since the bible was written by man of course its says something like that, can’t have it saying “be selective, don’t have kids till you are ready and able to raise them right and care for them” that would be just to complicated. – Nyxks

You forgot the pain of labor and birth!
Nope, that is one major reason why I chose NOT to have children that and I just couldn’t imagine carrying around something the weight and size of a bowling ball for an average of 9 months! – Nyxks

People who don’t want kids are selfish!
No more selfish then those you have children and don’t take care of them – Nyxks

You aren’t a real adult until you have kids!
Great, I never wonted to be Adult – Nyxks

Children are a woman’s greatest achievement!
They are? oh thanks for letting me know that I can’t be a woman if I can’t have a child of my own, very good to hear. How hear this one, if that is a woman’s greatest achievement no wonder we don’t get equal rights with men when it comes to employment. – Nyxks

Don’t you want to give your parents grandchildren?
My folks do not wont any grandkids, and my husbands mom already has several grandkids and great grand kids to occupy herself with, she doesn’t needs any from us. – Nyxks

It’s the most important job in the world!
Yes and its the sort of employment that I myself would never apply for, because its the type of job that I am not interested in apply for. – Nyxks

What’s the matter, don’t you LIKE kids?
Nope, not really. I like them in general but many of them I can do well without knowing or dealing with – Nyxks

The children are our future!
They might be the future, but with how the future is looking they might not live long enough to see it themselves. – Nyxks

Don’t you want genetic immortality?
No not really, its not something which I have any need of or for. If people remember me when I am gone great if not so be it. – Nyxks

Nothing is better than “new baby” smell!
That is your opinion, its not one that I share – to me there is nothing better then the smell of a new born puppy, or a puppy smell in general if you are going for a living thinking being. – Nyxks

Aren’t you curious to see what they would look like?
No, because if I wonted to have that info all I have to do is blend a photo of myself and my husband together to have an idea of what it might have looked like, and in truth I have NO wish or need for either. – Nyxks

Don’t you want to hear the pitter patter of little feet?
I already hear the pitter patter of little feet and in truth I rather hear the click and clatter of paws and claws over little feet any day of the week. – Nyxks



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3 Responses to ChildFree – Breeder Bingo

  1. Tara says:

    Ha! I finally get to see the original post from which Breeder Bingo emerged! 🙂 I’ve always wondered where is came from since finding out about the childfree movement after joining twitter. Great stuff!

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  3. bootsy says:

    i’d forgotten about this post. love it. i just did a childfree search on facebook and noticed someone had posted this. apparently i’m not the only one who thinks it’s great!!
    thanks nyxks 🙂

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