30 Days of Truth – Day 22

It is now Day 22 of the 30 Days of Truth that I’ve gotten myself into, today I am to write a blog about Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

There are a few things in life that I wish I didn’t do, one of them was ever invite the person who raped me over to my apt, or allow him to stay the night and a whole bunch of things associated with that part of my life. I also wish I hadn’t ever gotten involved with my last ex, he wasn’t good for my healthy any more then my first ex was.

But all that being said, if I hadn’t had those experiences would I have been where i was when I meet Norman? Would things have gotten to where they are now had I not have those experiences in my life to start with, the answers are I do not know, but I would hate more to not being with Norman now then to not be with him and never have had those experiences happen to me.



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