30 Days of Truth – Day 16

More blogging and more questions answers it is now Day 16 of the 30 Days of Truth, todays blog entry is to write about Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Well I know I could live without some of the things in my past that have caused me so much hurt, those things I know I could have lived without ever having experienced – but would my life be as it is is now without those experiences is another matter that I can’t answer.

I do know that both Norman and I could live without the problems caused by his bio family for various reasons, the little dramas that they cause and of course the problems they have caused both of us since we got married plus the personal issues they are still causing Norman that effect me because of how they negatively effect him.

I also know 100% that I would live without the unemployment factor that I have been living on and off with for the past decade of my life, I would love to have some sort of consistent income and know that the bills are getting paid at X time and knowing that Y food will be on the table and that my insulin will not be an issue to have do to cost factor.

I also know 100% that I would love not to be a diabetic, it would be a great blessing not to have this medical condition or any medical condition for that matter it would be great to be 100% healthy and fit and not have to worry about taking medication to help control or keep stable one medical condition or another.

Chuckles I could go on for a while I am sure on things I know I would live without, because there are many things that come to mind but the diabetes and lack of gainful employment are two of the leading ones that are high on my list of things I would like to not have to worry about in my life.



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