PCOS Update

Well not really been thinking about this side of my life since I’ve had a LOT going on this month with getting engaged to Norman and everything this really hasn’t been something that I’ve thought much about until I saw the message that I needed to review my postings regarding PCOS.

So ya nothing really to say about it right now, no new treatment all treatment that I was going though with my OBGYN has now stopped as she said that I no longer need her services since I no longer have the ability to reproduce so am not her issue any longer = not happy at all.

My Endro isn’t concerned about the PCOS and the one clinic for PCOS treatment there is in the city says i’m not their issue either as in since I can’t have children do to a medical intervention I’m stuck with 0 treatment for a condition that will never go away and has few to no treatment options once you are post menopausal apparently.



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