PCOS Update

Well it has been 5 years without any sort of official PCOS treatment, and well it might be effecting me on various levels I really do not know if it is or isn’t as no one seems to be interested in checking anything.

I’ve made sure my GP does annual bloodwork to make sure my hormone levels and other levels are in range and so far nothing out of the norm (or rather there has been but nothing that she’s overly concerned about = no treatment necessary at this point in time).

I’m in more pain then I was last year its getting worse and as a result my mobility has also been going down and it has been effecting my ability to work, but I’ve been pushing though it because I need the employment and if my doc says there is nothing well then it has to be in my head or something because you’d think this much pain would register somewhere, but apparently its not the case.

Oh well post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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