The Libre

Well bean wearing the Freestyle Libre for almost 24 days now – have two days left and I’ll have had it on for 24 days and I can say this about it thus far.

I do not miss poking my fingers, just being able to scan my arm and get a reading is a very nice change. I know there are many who say the sensor isn’t accurate and I’ll agree it isn’t always the case, but the odd time I have checked to confirm a low or high its been close enough that I’m happy with what I’m seeing.

I can honestly say that I have gotten rather use to wearing it that I forget that I have it on, until I need to scan to see my level but other then that its been virally painless wearing it (save when it catching on clothing or an object that I move by in the home). I do find it semi annoying to sleep on the arm that has the sensor on it, but that might just be my body not liking it I don’t 100% know since I didn’t have a issue with it on the other arm (so could be arm specific that is my own issue).

But over all I am liking it and am looking forwards to showing my Endocronolgist the results from wearing it – maybe he’ll see something in my number to make adjustments to for my insulin. Though I do admit that i am totally forgetting to log with the sensor when I do take my insulin that is still something that I’m not 100% up on doing which is very much my bad.



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