Insulin – Toujeo

Toujeo (tight shot)Well its been a interesting year medically speaking – not much going on for the most part A1C has been fair stable holding at 6.8 as of today (according to my GP) so not as great as I’d been hoping, but its at least under 7 so am getting closer to the number that is my first goal (that of 6 or 5.9).

So on the diabetic front of things, its going well no known complications I’m still on Humalog with meals, snacks and as a corrective measure but have been switched to TouJeo Solostar as it it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 mL as standard insulin (100 Units/mL) from Lantus that I have been on for a number of years now.

from the canadian site for the drug…

Insulin glargine, 100 U/mL (LANTUS) and insulin glargine 300 U/mL (TOUJEO) are not bi- oequivalent and are, therefore, not interchangeable without dose adjustment.
On a unit to unit basis, the 24-hours exposure/activity AUC of TOUJEO is lower than LANTUS (see ACTION AND CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY section). In clinical trials, patients who changed to TOUJEO from other basal insulins experienced higher average fasting plasma glu- cose levels in the first weeks of therapy compared to patients who were changed to LANTUS. To minimize the risk of hyperglycemia when initiating TOUJEO monitor glucose daily, titrate TOUJEO according to labeling instructions, and adjust co-administered glucose lowering thera- pies per standard of care (see DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION). Higher doses of TOUJEO were required to achieve similar levels of glucose control compared to LANTUS in clinical trials (see CLINICAL TRIALS).
The onset of action of TOUJEO develops over 6 hours following an injection. In type 1 diabetes patients treated with IV insulin, consider the longer onset of action of TOUJEO before stopping IV insulin. The full glucose lowering effect may not be apparent for at least 5 days (see DOS- AGE AND ADMINISTRATION and CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY).

So this might well explain the 19 days of running higher then normal glucose control that I went though before it kicked fully into my system and i started seeing similar numbers to my use of lentos, plus why I had to increase from 80 units to 100 units to get the same effect = I wish my endo would have told me this info from the get go (though i’m guess he didn’t have the info about it as he should have, since I just happened on it when I was looking up the Canadian drug info).

Oh well better a little late then never, as in I was thinking of telling my endo to put me back on the lantus because I didn’t think it was working (yet apparently it is it just takes longer to get into the system and needs adjustment to see the same numbers as you would with lantus oi oi oi oi oi).


Thus I will be sticking with it at least until I see my endo next year then we’ll see if I am kept on it or what happens then – but if it does offer better glucose control then the lantus i’m all for it, as I won’t as good control as I can (though the weight gain side effect is not something I won’t to have to worry about since its already a pain to louse what weight I have).

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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