Insulin Is Blasted Costly

There has been a number of people talking on various FaceBook groups regarding the cost of insulin. Yes its pricy and there doesn’t seem to be any where that’s its cheaper regardless of where you live (though in the UK and other European countries seems to have it different then here in North America) in general.

I know in the US that there is a form of generic insulin that you can get though Walmart for 25.00 (not idea if that is true or not, but its what I’ve seen posted from various people who live in the US) but the same can’t be said for here in Canada that I am aware of. Not that I really have looked into it because the reality is I haven’t looked into it, beyond asking my own pharmacist if there was a cheaper option to my Lantus and Humalog because combined they are costly when I’m underemployed or downright unemployed and need to buy them monthly.

There was an article posted to Diabetic Connect, called Why Is Insulin So Darn Expensive? it mostly talked about the US but does mention that here in Canada we still have Animal Insulin that can be got but the article is american based so tells about the fact that as new insulins hit the market older ones are phased out instead of being cheaper to get they get tossed in favour of the newer insulins which are not always as effective as the ones previous to it so instead of seeing upwards of 80% in savings people might only apparently see 40% or something to that effect. All I do know is that Humalog and Lantus have been on the market here in Canada for a while and both are still blasted costly without insurance to cover their cost in full or part.

I’m still looking for a more cost effective option, but there doesn’t seem to be one that I’ve been able to figure out as yet – some people have suggested going to syringes yet the cost of that vs the pens is not that great of a savings in fact after doing the math the pens are cheaper to get then a vial of insulin and a box of syringes (which is really strange, but its how the math works between the two). Diabetes is a costly condition, not only towards ones own health but do to the supplies that one needs to have to test and treat it day in and day out it is no wonder why so many people who have to live with it end up with complications and depression because when you have to make the choice between food, house or medication to keep you alive it can very much over whelming on oh so many levels!

Well post more as time does pass, take care everyone!



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