Endo appointment

Well saw my endo today, and ofcouse he had with him one of the many interns who is working on becoming a endo themselves so this girl was really green she was expaling my case to her and she was trying to take it all in, big time when he gave her the basic run down for how a sliding scale works and then I told her how I do mine, and she looked at him like what?

He agreed that I have figued out my own system that works for me and my body, but that currently it isn’t working do to pain levels. During the course of this he told me my A1C and BLEEP it wasn’t what I wonted ot hear, i knew it was going to be high becuase of my numbers but I was hoping that i wasn’t going to be as high as it turned out to be, in the end i was told it was 8.1 which is NOT good at all, it means I’ve been living in a state of hyper longer then is healthy for my body so the insulin I’ve been injecting hasn’t been doing its job.

I alrady knoew that the Lantus wasn’t working for me, it hasn’t been working for me for over a year, I’ve had to slowly increase the amount I take of it and also take my humalog along with it just to get my numbers to come down into the low teens, which isn’t how it is supose to work.

So he actually put me on another long acting insulin called Tresiba which I have heard of, but because of its the nova line which is the same line Toronto is from I wasn’t to willing to look at others of the line, but right now I am semi desperate to find something that works to get my numbers into line, and if this stuff lasts in my system like the Toujero did (28 hours) then I am more then willing to use it if it doenst’ cuase a reaction, so here’s hoping it works as planned!

He also explained to the intern about Storm, she had never seen a service dog before never mind one that is for Diabetes, she was facanated about her and what she did and even more to learn that Storm is cross trained for other medical tasks that I need from her outside of the glucose alert.

Storm did well during the appintment she stayed in her place and watched what was going on, includig me getting thumped and proded she did start to alert to my pain at one point, but then let it go when i gave her the signal – other then that it was a good appointemnt nothing really new happened out side of the new insulin so will post more as time passes, take care!



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