#DSMA – What’s on your mind?

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. What is your current diabetes advocacy issue?
Don’t have one at this point in time, then again not really been as active in my diabetic care as I have been in the past.

Q2. What is it about this/your issue that makes you passionate?
See above answer

Q3. What is a project of somebody else’s that inspires you?
Right now in my life Diabetic projects are not that high on my list of things I’m inspired about, right now just having employment and paying the bills are areas that I’m inspired with (which means getting back into reading SEO and other design magazines and sites has become once again top of my list to do each day).

Q4. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in diabetes advocacy?
Nothing as yet, less you mean the standard deal of “You have to be your own advice because no one knows you better then yourself” though this applies to anyone not just those with diabetes.



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