DSMA: Fill-in-the-blanks

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. The current state of diabetes technology is good in general but should be a world of a lot better then it currently is.

Q2. I wish my meter would connect to my mac instead of only being able to connect to a windows comp.

Q3. I want my cell phone to do be an iPhone to help me with my diabetes management.

Q4. I wish my insurance company paid for everything because as it is I can’t afford anything that I’m taking.

Q5. I wish Pharma would ?? because ?? (no idea what Pharma is).

Q6. I spend 30 minutes w/ my Physician/Endo. After the appointment I feel like I’m no further ahead then I was when I arrived at times.

Q7. One thing I want my Physician/Endo to know about my diabetes is that I am NOT my mom (I’ve told him time and time again) but it still seems like he thinks I should be able to control things as she has, but I’m not her and I can’t do it as she’s dun it, its just not in my cards to be able to do so.



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