#DSMA – Emotions

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. Testing blood glucose levels is part of managing diabetes. What is your first thought when your meter gives you higher or lower than your normal?
Re-test just to make sure if still not sounding right move to back-up meter if that gives same reading then it must be right if to high and will not go down, hit the ER if to low treat with sugar and if issues persist hit ER.

Q2. Diabetes burnout is common-What are the signs? If you/parent/child have experienced a diabetes burnout how did you get past it?
I have no idea, I’ve read about it but never experienced it that I am aware of

Q3. You look at your calendar, realize your Endo/Doctor appointment is coming up. What is the first thought that enters your mind? Negative or positive? Why?
I tend to swear that I have to go though my meter and translate its readings onto my computer, which is freaking annoying to do

Q4. How many hours do you spend using SM (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, communities) talking about diabetes?
I have no idea – it varies day to day might be a good couple hours or as little as a few seconds

Q5. Have you ever expereinced diabetes social media burnout/overload? How did you overcome the burnout/overload?
Not that I am aware of



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