#dsma Chat n Reply – W8

Topic: Meters & Insulin Pumps-the most important part of a PWD’s life
Q1. Your thoughts on overnight pump replacements vs having a back up on hand?
No idea since the pump has nothing to do with my own treatment as a Diabetic, but as to having a back up on hand, I feel that one should always have that because you never know when your meter or injection pen is going to break down or go AWAL for what ever reason.

Q2. Do you find that you eat more often/larger servings when on a pump vs. MDI?
Since I’m not on a pump and I have no idea what MDI means I can’t really answer the question in those regards, but in general as it relates to being on insulin – No I don’t eat more if anything I eat less (but then again I also need to get weight off so that is part of the reason).

Q3. CGM users: Do you get skin rash using the CGM? If so, how do you prevent it?

Q4. How important is meter accuracy to you? and why?
Very important because if my meter isn’t accurate then how do I know if I am going low or high and if I don’t know those how can I treat myself reliably.

Q5. Should the quality control and acceptable deviations with Medical Devices and Test Strips be improved?
Anything to do with treatment of diabetes as a whole can always stand to be improved, its the nature of the condition and treating it, like anything out there of a medical nature improvements can always be made when it comes to devices and treatments.



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