#dsma Chat n Reply – W7

Topic 1: Driving and Diabetes
Q1. Do you test before you drive?
I always test before I drive now that I’m on insulin – I know that driving for me is a stressor ad it can shot my levels up or bottom me out, so I have to make sure I’m in a stable zone before driving or there could be issues.

Part 2 of Q1: How would you feel if testing before you drive became a law?
Well its already law that you have to be stable not having uncontrolled lows so I might not like the idea of testing being forced upon me by the government but since I do it any how, it wouldn’t much of an issue in general.

Topic 2: Alcohol and diabetes
Q2: If you drink and are of legal age, What affects does alcohol have on your bgs?
I’m legal to drink but I don’t drink because I choose not to do so

Topic 3: College/leaving home and Diabetes
Q3. How do you/did you manage your diabetes and leaving home for the first time?
When I first was told I was diabetic it was a few months before I moved out and there were no issues, I was controlled and had no issues. However, moving down to the US was another matter – it was a night mare while living down there with my hubby. I wasn’t able to get them under control at all for 6 months I lived with uncontrolled glucose levels. Either hitting mmol 25 or bottoming out at mmol 2.8 I was so NOT pleased and there was no help to be had down there at all.

Q3.5. Any words of wisdom or insight for a PWD leaving home for the first time?
If going to a foreign country try and have a local contact or something there about there of to talk to if you run into issues with control because the nation you are in might or might not be using the same system that you are use to and thus you might end up in worse condition then you’d other wise be in.

Q4. Diabetes Art Day. What did you learn for #DArtDay?
I have no idea what this question is even talking about its the first time I even heard of it



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