#dsma Chat n Reply – W37

>Regulatory Agencies

1) What is your perception of the FDA or your country’s regulatory agency if outside the US?
Never really given it much thought since the FDA is more in the news then my local one, all I do know is that if something gets approved down in the US that its likely a a few years before it will be approve here if at all.

2) How has your country’s regulatory agency positively impacted your life with diabetes?
I think its had a better impact on it then the USs FDA has had on its own population at times since we don’t tend to approve the drugs till after they have been on market down in the US and proven or disprove itself (save the issue with avandia, that seems to have slips though).

3) How would you like to see your country’s regulatory agency improve?
At times it would be nice if the drugs which are open in the US to get could be gotten here but at the same time, I like the fact that the US get to run the trial first before we do, gets the bugs worked out so less complications on our end it does seem.

4) What can the DOC do to help improve regulatory processes?
Nothing that I am aware of right off the top of my head

5) Do you think it would be easier to live with diabetes in another country?
NO! … I did live in the US for a short period of time and had worse care for my diabetes then I’ve ever had to live with since being told I was diabetic, I’d not live in the US for their health care system less I have little to no choice in the matter. Even the UK isn’t high on my list of a country to live in when it comes to medical care, I like Canada just fine when it comes to medical care, might not be great at times but it hasn’t proven to be an issue as yet to me.

6) Would you be willing to move to another country if a device like the APP was available there and not foreseeable in yours?
I have no idea what APP stands for, and I can’t see any country outside of canada being of interest to me to live in when it comes to medical care or social service system that is in place.



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