#dsma Chat n Reply – W20

Limited Test Strips, TSA, Diabetes’ War

Q1 – There was a recent post on the CWD’s website-stating the State of Washington could be limiting the number of glucose strips to 1 test per day for children 0 – 12. What are your thoughts?
No idea what the CWD’s site is so can’t really comment on what is on the site or not, but the idea that children shouldn’t be testing more then once a day is nuts, does the state wish to be libel for every single child that dies do to not knowing what their glucose levels are because they couldn’t test more then once to make sure they where safe? But it doesn’t surprise me that this is out there, its just another sign that the US medical needs a major over haul.

Q2 – What are your thoughts on the new TSA guidelines? (pat downs)
I’m not overly in favor of the new guidelines as they have been reported in the news. Makes me less interested in flying then it did before, never been a major fan off flying to start with – tis always a hassle, now its even more of a hassle. Also the idea of someone touching me where only my hubby is allowed to touch or my gyn/doc leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I don’t care if its a female that touches me there its not a good solution what so ever. Going though that closterfobic box the get screened is no better either. Talking about re-traumatizing someone at least that would be how I see it if you are someone who has been abused or are not good with really tight places in general.

Q3 – Type 1 and Type 2 PWD’s does a “Type War” really exists? if so, why? How can this be fixed?
Not really sure, I’ve not really encountered it so I can’t really comment on if it exists or not since I’ve not experienced it in general myself.

Q3.5 – The title of the article was way off bases. Do you think Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes should have different names?
I don’t know of which article that is being referred to but in general I think that Diabetes is a large generalization of a medical condition, much like Porphyria covers 7 different types, Diabetes does the same in covering various types that it can be confusing to one and all just what each one is that they get lumped together without much thought. So giving each its own name, might well be of help to the general public, but at the same time people are so use to hearing Diabetes that to change it around for Type 1 being called X and Type 2 being called Y and type 1.5 being called Z would get a little confusing I would think till everyone was on the same page (around the world).



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