#dsma Chat n Reply – W11

Topics: Web based tools and healthcare
Topic 1: Web based communication tools, apps and log books

Q1. What online or offline resources do you use for your diabetes care? i.e. Log books, apps, web based communication tools-how does it help you communicate with their HCP?
I use twitter to tweet my glucose numbers, which helps me track them later in the day into my excel sheet which I keep and print out to give to my endo at each meeting. I also use SparkPeople to track what I eat in general so I know my carb load for the day and each meal which helps to see my insulin usage at any given day in general.

Q2. What benefits and challenges inherent in online and web-based communication tools for both the health care provider and the client?
If its electronic it can get lost just like a paper trail, thus its no more reliable then paper is when all is said and dun, so keeping a backup of both is the best way to do it at least to me it is.

Topic 2: Diabetes and healthcare as it is now

Q3. Per Kathleen Sebelius-”Americans w/diabetes are suffering in our current health care system.” Your thoughts? Agree or disagree?
No idea what this Question relates to or even how it is relevant so can’t answer it

Q4. “Job lock” is a term used for Ppl who stay at their current job only for health insurance. Have you ever been in a “job lock” situation?
I’ve not been no, because I’ve not been lucky enough to have such an opportunity, but my dad had it and he took it – and its helped his family and is still helping us to this day long after he has retired.

Q5. What is your biggest obstacle living with diabetes in the current state of USA and Canada’s healthcare system?
Cost of supplies I’m in the RED on my CC because of the cost of the insulin and other meds needed to keep me “healthy” not to mention the other supplies, needles, test strips and the like that I’ve not got coverage for so have to pay out of pocket every month.



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