DSMA – Acceptance

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. What are the things about living with diabetes that you accept? What are the things that you have trouble accepting?I accept that I can’t afford to be diabetic, I accept that its a condition that costs me income that I don’t have and that its result is increased CC debt. I have trouble accepting that I have insurance yet for all I have it it doesn’t seem to help with the cost of what I need (though I do know that the insulin if it wasn’t half way covered would be completely unaffordable).

Q2. What, if any, is the danger of being too accepting about life with diabetes? That you fall into a complacent mind set and are not as in touch with things around you as you might have at first been.

Q3. There are a few tweets about “being too accepting of diabetes” & diabetes burnout. Do u think the 2 go hand in hand? why? I think that the two can go hand in hand for various reasons, mostly the fact that at times one feels like they can’t do anything more because its all to much to shoulder and thus give up or just fall to far behind that catching up just can’t or doesn’t happen.

Q4. Does it bother you to see someone with a greater/lesser level of acceptance of diabetes than yourself? At times it does make me sad that someone who is younger then I am who has type 2 isn’t taking it seriously and taking steps to make lifestyle changes, its annoying on many levels the lack of drive they appear to have. But then again seeing adults who are older then myself who have it and also don’t make lifestyle changes or the like are just as annoying to various degrees.

Q4.5 How do you react to someone with greater/lesser level of acceptance of diabetes than yourself? All the power to them, if they are being more proactive then me great, as long as they don’t force it in my face or talk down to me in the process.

Q5. At what point did you accept that your child’s development of diabetes was not your fault? adults-when did you accept diabetes was not your fault? I actually never blamed myself for becoming diabetic, I did however blame my GP for not catching it years sooner because if she had taken steps when I was younger I might only be IR instead of having developed into Type 2 with IR (not that it might not have happened, but at least if I’d known sooner I might have had a better chance of starving it as long as possible).

Q6. Is acceptance a one time thing, or is life with diabetes a constant cycle of acceptance? I think its a day to day thing in general, you can accept that you have D and that it will never go away, but accepting other things that go along with D or can go along with it or what have you is another matter completely.



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