Diabetic Educator

Well saw the diabetic educator who is helping me try and figure out what is going on my my glucose control, she is agreeing that my uncontroled pain is starting to realy interfear with my glucose control but that she doesn’t know what can be dun save to increase my insulin and test more often, which we both agree isn’t the answer nor is it feasable with the cost of strips (as I only get 3k a year and once thats through its out of pocket for the rest).

Tryig to figure this out is nerve racking and stressful, yet I keep getting told I am handling it so well that they don’t know how I can handle things this well and I have no clue what they are talking about I am freaking out that my numbers are hitting the teens its nerve racing because I know the damage the high glucose levels are doing to my body and I am trying to avoid complications from having Diabeties!

Sighs, this is getting really annoying and I am feeling a little burnt out at the momet which isn’t good but its how I am feeling and yes it is hard at times of late to keep up with it because I am not feeling great. Well post more shortingly take care everyone!



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