Diabetic clinic

Well saw the diabetic social worker for my follow up, she had a box of syringes for me to use instead of having to buy them which was good of her to have, since I had been wondering what I was going to do about getting them.

We also talked more about what I was trying to do in regards to figuing out cooking since my levels are all over the place and the relaity is I’m not eating like I should, in part becuase we can’t afford to do so, but also becuase at times I just am not hungry and with the pain standing at the stove to cook or make the food for everyone to eat just is not what I am able to do. I do it at times yes but I bleeping pay for it afterwards on way to many levels.

She gave me a list of some of the things that norman and I could sign up for though the TDSB for free or 10.00 and the list of what we can do is vast, bigger then I was aware of from sewing to exotic cooking and other areas that we both have intersts in, we are allowed to do one course per season for every season we can choose to do a topic of interest like take a asian/cegan cooking class, take a dog grooming course, etc

We are totaly looking into this as it sounds like it would be something that could be helpful to both of us, but also be useful in a paratical matter when it comes to expanding our abilities.

Well take care everyone, post shortly!



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