#DCDE – The Raw Emotions of Diabetes

The following Questions are taken From: DiabeticConnect.com – Nov 11 2014 – The Raw Emotions of Diabetes – #DCDE Twitter Chat that took place. I’ve added my own answers to the Questions that where asked, since I wasn’t able to be part of the tweet chat to start with.

Q1 – When you experience diabetes burnout what do you do to pull out of it?
No idea, I don’t know if I’ve ever gone though this before that I know of.

Q2 – Do you see a connection between dealing with diabetes and your mental health?
I am sure there is a connection, but right now I can’t think of it

Q3 – What do you wish someone had said when you were diagnosed to prepare you to cope with your emotions?
Nothing because I’ve learned that every diabetic is different and needs to learn how to deal with it on their own – my mom’s D is different then mine and how I’ve had to learn to deal with mine is different then how she was told she needed to deal with hers (her being told how she had to deal with it put our family though a LOT Of crap until mom learned to deal with it on her own accord outside of what the medical ppl where telling her she needed to do).

Q4 – What is the hardest relationship to manage because of your diabetes?
Between me and my Medical Team it does feel, dealing with family might be frustrating but dealing with the medical people and government that is a relationship nightmare.

Q5 – How has learning to manage diabetes improved your relationships with others?
Can’t say that it has that I am aware of

Q6 – How do you keep your diabetes management in check on your best and worst emotional days?
Still trying to figure that one out – as in almost 12 years and I’m still learning about it and figuring it out.



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