#DCDE – Diabetes and Healthy Weight

The following Questions are taken From: DiabeticConnect.com – Jan 6th 2015 – Diabetes and Healthy Weight – #DCDE Twitter Chat that took place. I’ve added my own answers to the Questions that where asked, since I wasn’t able to be part of the tweet chat to start with.

Q1 – Do you currently have a weight-loss goal or are you trying to maintain where you’re at?
I don’t have a goal weight, there is a weight that my GP would like to see me at and there is a weight my Endo says would be good – personally I’ll be happy if I can get down to 25% body fat instead of the 30% that I’m currently at.

Q2 – In what way does diabetes make it difficult to manage your weight?
The insulin is about the hardest thing really since finding the right amount of insulin to take that it doesn’t cause me to gain more weight combined with the PCOS and being in menopause = lots of learning to be dun and figuring out what that is exactly.

Q3 – How do you actually feel? Do you feel healthy? Energized? Lethargic?
I feel so so, as in I feel healthy in general but with how things are currently going in my life I’m not as bright and chipper as I could be or won’t to be.

Q4 – What is your current relationship with food? Is food a positive or stressful part of your life?
Don’t have to much of an issue with food in general when it comes to Diabetes itself, its the Celiac and Food Allergies that make eating its own blasted issue.

Q5 – What are positive ways to measure progress in your health goals instead of weight-loss?
How clothing fit is one of the ways of doing it since it means you’ve lost inches even if the scales not moving in the down direction.



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