30 Days of Diabetes – Day 6

Day 6 of the 30 days of Diabetes, todays question is Do you advertise it or try to hide it? Any reason why?

I don’t advertise or hide that I have Diabetes, I go about my day as I go about my day those who need to know know and the rest well if they learn of it so be it if not its not an issue. But one thing is for sure some can handle the fact that I ‘m diabetic other can’t either way life goes on as it does because if it didn’t I’d be in the ground and well this wouldn’t be an issue any longer.

The main reason why I do not advertise is because it isn’t something that everyone needs to know, there is enough problems with the general populace out there and their views of those who are diabetic that spending half of ones time explaining why you have diabetes or the like becomes annoying or the comments ones gets about what you are choosing to eat, drink or the like just get to the point that its not worth saying anything less its necessary to do so.

I tend to tell those I have to work with because they need to know in general, though unfortunately some of those people have been part of the reason why I don’t like saying anything because they can get on ones case a little to much that or it impacts ones employment (though it shouldn’t it can and does and since places have that three month window to just say alright thanks but no thanks you have no recourse if it was ones diabetes that was their deciding factor in not keeping you on).



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