30 Days of Diabetes – Day 21

Day 21 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays question is Do you feel there is enough education about diabetes? if not why not if yes why yes?

No I do not believe that there is enough education about diabetes, even to fellow diabetic’s I don’t believe that there is enough education, and I know there isn’t enough education about it in the general public because of the problems many who are diabetic run into with the uninformed public.

The stigma that goes with diabetes within the general public is annoying, that if you are type 2 that “you brought it on yourself” is very much prevalent and blasted annoying, or that if you are on insulin that your diabetes is more out of control then some one who is only on oral medication or better yet diet control. Actually this is annoying among other diabetics as well since there are those who have diabetes who believe this that since they are not on inulin that they are better off then you are since you are on insulin which is so NOT the case.



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