Tradition and Digital Mediums

Sighs, would’y you know its been an on and off deal that I do hand drawn things and for FE2015 that is a service that I was going to be offering just to dig out my pens and find out most of them have dried out! Grumbles, so its either I resort to pencil crayons or bite the bullet and buy another set of artist markers – going to have to see just what pens I need, maybe I can make do with the ones I have and just buy a few extra to replace the dried out ones.

Digital wise though still going to be offering that option, which would be a cheaper option for people to get dun in general – but I’m not offering an elaborate deal – keeping it con themed so that means 8 bit style being used for the most part and limited colour palate (solid colours not a lot of shading being dun).

Well post more in short order, take care everyone.



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