Organization and Decluttering

Well its official our storage unit need to be cleaned out by the end of next month so this leaves us only about 6 weeks to get everything that is currently in the unit out and either given away (try to sell it, thus far thats not going very well), finding a place for it in our home or being forced to toss it out (maybe donate it to a local charity if possible).

Within our own home, still LOTS of work to be dun there as well with all the stuff coming in from the storage unit it means things are getting cramped within the house and that’s causing friction between family members to various degrees do to the space issue its causing – so we really need to get that also taken care of in short order.

Also need to reconfigure the cars for the fall an winter months, since we took everything out of both and recombined things when we went camping and we’ve not yet put things back into their proper place or order (not a good thing to not have dun as yet).

The basement clean up is currently on hold while we figure out the living room and the middle bedroom plus the attic that all need pulling apart and redoing – since they are the areas that the storage unit stuff is getting stored within.

Well post more as time does allow for it take care everyone!



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