New Home for Nyxstium Designs

Well we found half a sim, that was for the right price – that both Norman and I can afford on what we earn in world so now its a matter of rebuilding the shop, putting up a home and in general getting things back and working like it was on Naples, only better this time.

I will admit that I do have the shop built I put it up in a matter of moments – hay its a basic shape 4 walls – and its built in the air as a form of skybox, so means I now have extra wall space that I was lacking when it was on the ground (the new 1/2 sim, putting the shop on the ground wouldn’t have worked with the layout of the sim, would have had to really do a rebuild number to make it fit in right, so for me a skybox build was the best option – that and it lessons people messing with the sim in general).



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