Lots Happening, so little time!

Well got up semi early because we needed to get a few things dun, like get to his district to get his high school paper work and take a trip to Manitu.

Well we did all that, and then went to the mall that Norman wonted to see if they had something, but the place wasn’t there anymore. But we did meet another Service Dog team while there that was very well behaved, so it was nice seeing them.

After the mall we headed back to his mom’s place only to learn they had forgotten to leave us a key to get in so we ended up going to the Dollar Movie Theator to watch Pete’s Dragon, which Payton did very well at enough so that no one knew he was there until we where leaving with a numch of screamers started yelling DOGGIE!!!!

After that we headed back to his mom’s place since they where home, we fixed outselves some dinner and settled in, now its time to get everything together for our trip home tomorrow!

Post more later, take care everyone!



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