Happy PRIDE Month Everyone!

To all who celebrate this month Stay Safe and enjoy it to the fullest and remember you are seen and you are always welcome here, this is as safe a space as I am able to make it for everyone regardless of how you choose to identify yourself.

As many may or may not know my own pronouns are She/Her/He/Him/They/Them – mostly because I don’t really have a issue with someone thinking I’m male or taking the road and using the They/Them if they are unsure which to address me as. I have no preference for all I am biologically female it doesn’t mean it is my complete identity (its never has been and never will be – not at this late point in my life at any rate, if I haven’t identified 100% for close to 40 years why would I start now).

If you are here in Toronto, there please check out Toronto Pride for what is happening this month! Even if you are not please check it out as they have a LOT going on all month long that might well appeal to various people from various backgrounds.



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