The Pope

Well it looks like the past is back to bite many people, according to the Star “God bless Pope Benedict XVI. And God help the Roman Catholic Church.” in an article entitled Church’s choice has small of fear”.

I think that many people are not pleased with the choice of who the new Pope is. Apparently from what I have been hearing there be a number of people, who have publicly renounced their Catholic faith, in favor of another christen sect.

I know this is not uncommon in general, since my partner renounced the Catholic Church when he was 13 and became Pagan. I myself have never been Catholic, I was raised by my folks as Christian (what flavor I have no idea really), but from day one at church I didn’t fit in, I questioned everything till my folks where asked that I not return (which meant I stayed home watching TV while they went to church for another couple of years before themselves stopping because of some differences in the teachings or something that they just didn’t like or something, not sure what the exact reason for their leaving the church was).

I never felt comfortable with that religion from day one. It might be good for some people but it is not for everyone, of which I am glad cause if it were there would be a hell of a lot more problems in this world I’m sure.

Well after looking around the net, it does appear that most of the news for today and the next couple of days will be in regards to the new Pope. Though it also appears that many people have a lot to say about the new Pope, why do I say this? Simple I’ve been reading though the “Voice: Pope Benedict XVI” part of the Star’s area where readers of the Star to a degree can voice their opinion on the matter at hand.

From what people have been saying it does appear that some are miffed with the choice in Pope, while of course others are very pleased with the new choice. Yet there is still though who appear to be indifferent to the election of the new Pope.

One thing I will say is that I was trying really hard not to burst out laughing at a good majority of the comments that people have been making about the Pope and the Catholic Church, some of them just are so religious based that well you know regardless of who was elected they would be happy since once again they now have a Pope to “guide them”, *cough cough, hack hack*.

I have nothing again those who need such a figure head, but come on, he is not chosen by “God” but fellow men (the cardinals), who themselves are only mortal. If any divinity is involved, then well they are just laughing at all of us. Why do I say this? Simple, in a world that is changing, which needs change, there are those who would rather take everyone back to a time and have things as they where way back then, instead of realizing that if you wish to have a future, you will adapt to what is happening around you, not stand still.

The idea that “Being Gay, using Condoms, Birth Control, etc” is against “Gods Law” to me is very much out dated. Views such as that are what breed hatred and violence, to which from I what I understood the church is suppose to speak out again, but cultivate, as it does appear to do.

Well since the last entry, I’ve not really looked at what happening in the news because well I’ve been fair busy with work. Talk about the day flying fast by, its hard to realizes that its almost time to head home since I’ve been at this non-stop since the end of my last entry, talk about time flying.

Well I hope everyone is doing well, take care everyone.



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