Protections for Service Dogs under Ontario Animal Welfare Laws

This act also protects Service Dogs thus there is now on the books an actual fine for those who harm a service dog on or off duty.

Service animals are protected under section 17:

“17 No person shall cause harm, or attempt to cause harm, to an animal that works with peace officers in the execution of their duties, or to a service animal, whether or not the animal is working at the time of the harm.”

under section 49 it is considered a “major offense” to injure a service animal. An individual who harms a service animal is subject to a fine of not less than 25 000$ dollars, and not more than 130 000$ and/or 2 years in prison for the first offense, under section 49 (4) and (7).

allowing an animal to injure a service animal would likely fall under section 15 (3), which is:

“(3) No person shall knowingly or recklessly cause an animal to be exposed to an undue risk of distress.”

Distress includes injury and harm. A person who is not adequately controlling a dangerous or aggressive dog is recklessly endangering a service animal.

Animal Welfare n Service Dog Protection – Ontario Law



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