Katrina in the news

Well it does appear that the latest news that I had heard before I went to bed this morning about the stuff in the US not being as bad as they though it was, was not correct, it does appear that more damage has been dun then first reported.

I really haven’t been following the news report today on the event, save for during supper, and when I came in from my walk I watched about 30 min of Fox News (since nun of the Canadian networks are caring coverage of it save for the nightly report type stuff.

Katrina is set to hit Toronto later this evening (around midnight some news say, but that still remains to be seen.

I know that we will not get his as bad as parts of the US have been hit, but after last weeks flooding well some of the ground is already saturated beyond what it can take, and that’s not good for anyone.

Watching the news reports, it doesn’t look good at all for those around New Orleans, from what I have heard, over 100 ppl are dead, and more missing and presumed dead, the shelters are over flowing, and the impact on oil prices are expected to be felt by next week if not sooner.

I am also kind of miffed that all I hear about is the Red Cross this the Red Cross that, what about the Salvation Army? I know full well that they are where most disasters are, and in many cases well before the Red Cross is there, yet I’ve not heard hide not hair about them being down there in the news at all, makes me wondering about that, then again its american news, and the Salvation Army doesn’t necessary have the clout that many give the Red Cross, but to me I rather have the Salvation Army helping me then the Red Cross (and I’m not into their religion, but they help seems to be better then the Red Cross from all that I have ever heard about).

It also makes me kind of wonder about why those that stayed did so, when Katrina was do to hit it was a Category 5, which isn’t a small storm, but a mega one, yes it was down graded to a Category 3, but still why people didn’t leave doesn’t make much sense to me. Yes I know possessions, feeling that they can ride out anything that comes their way, etc. I can understand that, but if you have the means of getting out, hello leave, its only possessions that can eventually be replaced (yes things that are old, that are not replaceable might count, but they do not warrant one’s life, at least not in my personal opinion).

Some might say, since you have never had to flea your home how could you know. I know because I was prepared to leave what I had behind and have nothing but what I was wearing when I left my ex, I might not have liked that Idea, but it was something I was willing to do, if that was what was necessary (thankfully it didn’t come down to that, but still I had made the decision to do that if necessary).

Now that the next day is there, the damage is being seen much more clearly, and the assessments that I have heard is that there is again an evacuation announcement for all who remain to leave the area, because of more flooding and because of the fact the the water is not safe to drink and other problems which happen when sanitary facilities dump happen, not to mention bodies (human and animal) in the water adding to that growing problem of sanitation.

I do feel for those who are there still, and for those who have left the area. Those who have lost everything and those who still don’t know what they have lost or not lost. I do hope that the loss of life is minimal (but from what I hear, the final total might well be in the 1,000s before things are all said and dun).

Like others I’ll be following what happens to various degree since well I do have friends who live in that area of the US, and well I do wonder how they are doing.

Articles in the star today regarding Hurricane Katrina
* Water rises in flooded New Orleans
* Katrina’s remnants arrive in GTA tonight
* Katrina slams Gulf Coast oil
* Battered stadium protects sick, poor

Well take care everyone,



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