In the News Today

The following are News Articles that I found intesreting enough to share on my various social media, some with comments other’s just as they appear with their headlines.

Venezuela’s foreign minister says Canada causing his country’s collapse to ‘take control’ of its wealth
‘Canada has been in the centre of these events and this means that they want to create the conditions in order to attack Venezuela, to invade Venezuela’

Want to lose fat? DON’T aim for stable blood sugars! (Why your CGM could be making you fat)

Online learning expert worries sudden demand is leaving teachers, families unprepared

Students with disability face more obstacles amid coronavirus: advocates

What is unschooling? The child-led education model growing in popularity

Trumps floats sending law enforcement to polls on election day, but he lacks the power

Ontario’s COVID-19 cases have been on the decline. What can we expect if there’s a 2nd wave?

The pandemic has turned the rental market upside down. Now tenants have the control
Rees Nam and their partner, for instance, asked that the unit be painted before they moved in. And they were able to choose a place with a hands-on landlord with long-term tenants

Deidre Davis Butler, Who Fought for Disability Rights, Dies at 64
A wheelchair user herself, she helped draft a landmark law and held government posts championing people with disabilities, especially those of color.

Discussion on decriminalizing drugs should be considered in wake of opioid deaths: Tam

US – She thought unemployment benefits were coming. Two months later, eviction loomed



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