In the News Today

The following are some of the new’s stories that caught my attention to report today on my twitter and or Facebook feed, why they caught my attention is because I feel the article has something that others who follow me might be interested in reading/knowing about.

‘Neglected’ school ventilation systems worry parents, experts during COVID-19 pandemic
With temperatures set to dip later this fall, opening windows may not be an option

People Caring for Grandchildren Face High Risks During COVID-19 Pandemic
As schools across the country prepare to reopen for the fall term, caregivers are getting ready to face the next set of challenges posed by COVID-19.

Family pleads for change after U.S. border rules kept adult children from dying mother
OTTAWA — “Please don’t let this happen to anyone else.”

‘It is a free-for-all’: Manitoba, Ontario say they have no control over animal rescue groups
‘You have no right to say dogs over here aren’t treated well,’ band councilor says



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