Growls at the TTC … again!

Sighs and growls big time at the TTC for what they are going to do and what they currently are doing for that matter.

In an article published in the Toronto Star today entitled “Pick your poison, invites TTC: Survey to ask whether riders would prefer cuts, taxes or higher fares” the author of the article talks about what the TTC is doing in regards to having to Cut back on its cost factors. Such as raising fairs 10 cents to 25 cents as in instead of 2.75 the cost would now be 2.85 or a full 3 dollars … once again making it that much harder for lower income people to use the service to get to and from work on an already tight budget.

You can also look at what the TTC has to say for itself on its own site which lists the busses to be cut or reduced in hours, one of them acatully effects me .. as in after 7PM your stuck less you like a long WALK. and the servy on the TTC site doesn’t freaking even work! .. growls at the waste of 15,000 bucks that was aparently spend on the stupid thing.

There is no easy answer that is true, but how about those in charge taking a pay cut? How about those in charge at city hall taking a pay cut as well .. like hello they make a world of a deal when it comes to income each year that they can afford to have it cut back (at least from my prespective that is the how I see it) .. sides why not live like the rest of us who are bearly making ends meet to start with!

Life isn’t fair, living isn’t fair, and in general nothing in the world if level or fair to start with, but sighs it would be nice if for once something was level and fair in this world (but guess that’s asking and hoping for way to much).



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