External Article – How To Stick To A Fitness Routine When You’re Dealing with a Chronic Illness

Despite the title and sub title it is a decent article over all, the first major headers even says “Know your limits—and learn to be OK with them.” which is something that I have struggled to do with how I have declined over the past several years.

I keep pushing like I know I shouldn’t because I keep feeling like if I do eventually it will get better that it will not get worse and of course because I keep pushing I keep getting body push back from it leaving me feeling worse off then I started which only makes me push more because I feel like I need to prove to myself that I can do it regardless of how much pain/discomfort and the like my body is in.

The deal of “It is alright to not be alight” applies and I admit that I don’t take it to heart as often as I actually should (i’m a total hypocrite because I will tell another that they need to slow down and take time, yet I can’t even do it myself).

Totally a article worth reading and taking parts of it to heart as a general deal, working out should be part of your daily deal even if it is just 5 minutes or the like, doing something is better in most cases then nothing at all (it is one reason why my daily goal is to hit 2,500 steps or a total of 15 minutes of being active, just puttering around the apparent picking up stuff here and there counts to wards being active, or taking the pups out for a potty break counts towards being active).

How To Stick To A Fitness Routine When You’re Dealing with a Chronic Illness
A little movement goes a long way for these three women battling underlying diseases.



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