Crash in NY

Well it does appear that its official the crash that took place in Manhattan yesterday about 3pm claimed the life of former Blue Jay Cory Lidle as this plane crashed into a 50 story condo.

The Toronto Star has a few vid clips of the events after maths and articles on the player as well. But not much in the way of information on the crash, then again I think the American’s are still going though the process of learning what happened before full details will be issued.

I don’t know about others, but when my dad called me to tell me what had happened my first though was “here we go again – sigh” I wasn’t shocked or anything I was not surprised that it had happened, but after tuning into the TV … and learning that it wasn’t a tarrest deal, well that of-course was a pleasant surprise .. though the loss of life and the like is still not great, but like everything things could have always been worse then they where.

And I would really like to know how the world the plane got into the cities air space, since after 9/11 happened NY air space has been like totally revamped and beefed up, that something like that should not have taken place .. will be interesting to see what happens in the days to come over this.



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