Canada Offers Aid To The US

Well I finally managed to get onto the CBC site, its been slow and 9 times out of 10 for me it wouldn’t load (not very friendly site at the moment it does appear).

There is a hell of a lot of articles, links and etc there in regards to the problem happening in the US. They even are covering Canada’s offer of aid, which is great!

The title of the article on the site, entitled Canadian governments offer help to Katrina victims, might sound good, but after reading it over, its sends mixed emotions I feel, then again it wasn’t the info I was expecting to read for that matter either.

In the article it states “Prime Minister Paul Martin said Friday that a trip to the southern U.S. to survey the Katrina damage was a bad idea because the situation is simply too chaotic.

He said the Canadian government is doing everything it can to find and help Canadians who may be unable to get out of New Orleans or other stricken areas.

It remains unclear how many Canadians have been stranded or are missing in the disaster-stricken region. But some have managed to call in to say they got out without injury, said Dan McTeague, parliamentary secretary for Canadians abroad.”

I have also just read and heard, which really does please me that we are now sending three warships down to the Gulf Cost, at least that is what I have read and head from the CBC, in an article entitled Canadian warships to sail to Louisiana, now that is something which is good to hear.

According to the article “Three Canadian warships, a coast guard vessel and three Sea King helicopters will be sent to Louisiana on Tuesday with relief supplies for the U.S. Gulf Coast.
National Defense Minister Bill Graham talks with Russian Defense Ministar Sergei Ivanov in Moscow. (AP Photo)

The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir William Alexander will sail along with the Canadian Navy vessels, HMCS Athabaskan, HMCS Ville De Quebec and HMCS Toronto.

Naval crews were busy loading gear on to the ships in Halifax Friday as 1,000 personnel prepared to head to waters off New Orleans.”

Outside of Canada now sending aid to the US, we here at home are starting to really feel the pinch when it comes to gas, in a report on the CBC site entitled Consumers voice anger, advice as gas prices skyrockets, one can see that the price of gas is rising and where it will stop, I have no idea what so ever, but if it gets close to 2.00, then I know there will be many more Canadians getting pissed off, not to mention more people finding alternative ways of getting around, and it might not be the TTC as apparently according to the Star, the TTC is thinking of increaseing fairs by 15 cents, which would bring the currently adult price of a one way ticket to 1.65, which means even I would be looking at where I had to go on the TTC, and thinking better of it, and making the choice to likely take my bike (one I get it working again).

The price of gas down the street from me is 133.90, and guess what I saw only one car getting gas, and the person getting the gas didn’t look to pleased about the matter. I can see the gas stations not having many people coming in for gas, I can see people going for as long as they can till they have to get gas, and when they do get gas, getting what they need and only what they need and nothing more.

Also according to CBC, there are something like 103 Canadians who are in the Gulf Cost, and trying to get home. In an article on the CBC site entitled Canadians trying to get home from U.S., it does appear that we have some people down there who we need to get back home. My heart goes out to their families, big time! I hope that they make it home soon as possible.

Well take care everyone,



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