Baby Born on the Subway Platform

Well there has been some interesting things in the news yesterday, and one of them was that a child was “Baby born on subway platform” talk about wow.

And the fact that passersby where apparently oblivious is a little shocking to various degrees, though I guess its also the fact that some just do not want to get invovled if they can well help it.

I am actually a little miffed that the TTC staff on duty did nothing to help the lady and that it was a pedestrian who helped her, that speaks a lot for the TTC staff as in those twits could have called for help, but no they didn’t do a freaking thing – now that just pisses me off.

I don’t really care if the trains didn’t pose a threat to the mother, calling for help and helping the person are like hello something the TTC is suppose to do, its part of their job to help their passengers regardless of what’s happening around them! So much for that apparent mandate – the mom should get the lifetime pass and the child.

Oh well take care, everyone



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