Air Canada in the news…

Well apparently Air Canada lost the legal action that was taken against them from a Disabled person who tried to use their services.

According to an article in the Toronto Star entitled “Airlines told to drop extra charges for disabled” according to the STAR “In a resounding victory for people with disabilities, the Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled that airlines can no longer charge them additional fares for personal caregivers or extra seating they may require on planes.”

This well a good thing still remains to be seen if it works out or what happens, after all it did take that blind layer many years to get the TTC to just do a simple thing of announcing each stop. One can only hope that the airlines don’t take a similar long time in this deal. Though in truth it wouldn’t surprise me if it did take years to get cleared and in the mean time the disabled are stuck.

And in other news, talk about many people who use air travel to get from place to place … shutters … I know its one of mine for sure, one that in some regards keeps me on the ground less I really have to fly.

Yesterday an Air Canada flight was forced to make an emergency landing after it hit a pocket of turbulence, or at least thats what has been speculated happened, in an article from the Toronto Star, well there is no details as to what it was that happened 100%, but accounts from passages makes it sound like turbulence, that and a loss of air under the planes wings to keep it up at the level it was flying at. You can read passenger accounts at the STAR in an article entitled “Passengers scream as jet bucks, plunges.

I for one as I said do not like to fly and I know full well if that happened to me that getting back onto a plane would be really really really hard for me to do.

Well take care everyone



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