xBox Sims 4 – Legacy Challenge: Maddox Family – Genealogy

If you are trying to figure out the time line for the Maddox family well here it is for you to see, such as it is and including other interesting sides that might be of interest you if you are following this story line.

The way this particular family line is, it follows with the first born being the one to inherit and continue on the line regardless of their gender, if they die before producing a heir then it falls to the second born and so on and so forth. If there are no surviving heir then the line ends and that is the end of the legacy challenge. The goal of the challenge is to have as many generations as possible, first goal is 10 generation, second goal is 25 with a ultimate goal of 50 generations.

Updated August 4th 2021

Founder: Jaimie Maddox who married to Drake Perry
Founders Children: Aurora, Wade and Davis Maddox

1st Generation: Aurora Maddox who married Hunter
Child: B Maddox
1st Generation: Wade Maddox who Married XXX and had 1 Daughter XXX
1st Generation: David Maddox No offspring



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