Movie Review: Noah

Well it seemed like a popular movie and from the various groups I’m on Facebook with that where talking about it to various degrees, from how Vegan it is to anti-religious to out right waste of screen space – it peeked my interest in seeing it for myself, so when it come out on DVD and ended up in short order in the cheap din, we picked it up (never good when a movie goes into the cheap bin a month after its release).

I find it hard to review this movie because in truth it didn’t catch me and I found it out right boring, save for a few scenes that where semi interesting for the most part I can’t understand how people where saying it was a good movie to watch, vegan or not. From a vegan stand point well I guess it did show it since from what was on screen was Noah and his family being plant eaters and not hunting for animals to kill to eat, so that would make them vegan or at least vegetarian since I don’t remember if they ate the eggs of the chickens or milk from any of the animals. But at any rate, that about the only area that was semi interesting in its own way and I can see why some within the Vegan community found it nice to see – because it is nice to see on the big screen those who are not meat eaters.

The movie is slow going and in my point anti climatic, you have the basic bible story that has been taught in sunday school for how ever long, and well the acting is alright, its not outstanding though I must admit the scene in the movie that I like the best is when the grandfather holds up the berry he’d been looking for to eat and then see’s the wave coming at him, he hold it up and smiles pops it into his mouth as the wave hits him (there is something about how that is shot that just holds in my mind for what ever reason).

The movie follows the standard stuff guy builds boat, other guys try to take over boat, water kills many people, young loves find each other and have twins who father in law needs to kill but ends up not killing, single left over son leaves home because he’s lone in the world, man who saved the world continues on with wife upstream or down stream of daughter in law and son with their daughters.

Neat and tidy and a waste of time to watch less you have a few hours to fill that you don’t mind watching a B movie.

Rating wise, umm 2 out of 5 is the best I can do, since its got a scene or two which are interesting to watch but the acting, CGI effects and general its been dun to death deal just makes it hard to rate any higher. Best advice if you can find it in the dollar bin or the like it might be an option or better yet wait till its on TV or NetFlix and watch it if you are curious about it.



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